Why Choose Us?

With private Physiotherapy at Bath Street Podiatry & Physiotherapy, you can enjoy fast access to convenient appointments with experienced experienced Chartered Physiotherapists. Our Physiotherapists provide comprehensive assessment, treatment and rehabilitation in our calm, spacious multidisciplinary clinic.

Physiotherapy can help people of all ages and conditions, whether you are suffering from mild knee and neck pain, or have undergone major surgery and require post-operative rehabilitation.Every appointment we provide is tailored to your individual needs, helping you get the very best from our service. Assessment and treatment is available for:

  • Aches and pain, such as neck, back, shoulder pain or stiffness
  • Lower Limb conditions, including in the groin, knee, hip, foot and ankle
  • Upper Limb conditions, including in the shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist
  • Sports Injuries
  • Post – Operative Rehabilitation
  • Posture Related Problems

Your First Visit

During you initial Physiotherapy appointment, your Physiotherapist will spend time finding out more about your lifestyle, such as leisure and work activities you undertake, your general health and relevant medical history. They will then carry out a detailed physical examination of your condition, taking you through some physical movements, and then identifying a treatment plan with your cooperation that will best help with your rehabilitation.

Your Treatment Plan might include some or all of the following methods:

  • Mobilisation and Manipulation – Hands on techniques, which involve touch, controlled stretches and movements.
  • Exercise therapy – Ranging from simple stretches to a more comprehensive exercise programme
  • Preventative Advice – Providing training and advice on helping treat your issue and preventing its return
Looking for more information?

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