What is Sports Massage?

A Bath Street Podiatry and Physiotherapy Sports/Deep tissue Massage is geared towards helping athletes of every kind from professionals to weekend joggers. However its not only for athletic individuals, anyone who may have suffered a repetitive stain injury or acute trauma, from work or their day to day activities would benefit.

Why Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a fantastic method of reducing tension, stress and pain focusing often on specific areas.  Our professional Sports Massage Therapist has a wealth of experience, with anatomical and physiological knowledge and can use this to apply treatment specifically to your ache or pain. Again this is not recommended just for athletes.

Deep Tissue Massage, like Sports can reduce tension stress and pain. Our Therapist can use your deep tissue session to great advantage leaving you feeling looser, moving better and feeling good. 

Anyone can enjoy and feel the benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Sessions are available for 45minutes and 1 hour

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